Top 5 Youth Games

August 26, 2008

ThisĀ  is the Top 5 Games that are best played with a group of High School or Middle School students.

5. Buck-Buck

4. Extreme Duck Duck Goose

3. Red Rover

2. Dodgeball

1. American Eagle

For a real interesting time try these games at the next corporate luncheon.


The Top 5

August 22, 2008

My Goal in writing is to list the Top 5… Of what you may wonder? Whatever seems to be appropriate. To start off I will list my Top 5 Most Memorable 2008 Olympic Moments…

5. The Milli Vanilli Incident ( The little Chinese Girl who was not singing her song because she was not cute enough…)

4. Lolo Jones “falling” a little short in the hurdles for the Gold.

3. Lin Dan’s celebration after winning Olympic Gold in BadmintonĀ ( Threw his raquet into the stands, took off his shoes and threw them into the stands…. The place was going crazy…)

2. The mens 4X100 Relay Comeback with Jason Lezack (and of course Phelps)

1. Michael Phelps beating everyone and their records